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THRIVE - Planting Seeds of Positivity

 Declutter your mind & counter-act Stress

Thrive is a quick, DIY Program that incorporates journaling.  It is completely a Self- Paced class. 

I explain how to write a statement that creates a mental picture from which healthy, strong, peaceful thoughts are formed. 

You are also taught about the importance of images to re-enforce a positive narrative and mental story. 

 Come join the Thrive group!! Everyone is welcome here!! No contracts or cancellation fees.  Your membership is a month-by-month decision, giving you the option to cancel whenever you like.  

Benefits of being a Thrive Member:

*You will receive Print-ables that you can download and use in your own personal journal.   

*Special Journaling and Technique Videos!

*Access to our online classroom library.

 If you are a Member of "MY ART SISTERS", you have automatic access to this program as a bonus to your membership.   

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Join My Art Sisters

Choose this option for the best of both worlds.  You will have access to My Art Sisters monthly creative group, and  also gain access to the THRIVE program as a bonus.

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Have access to this class and learn a  quick and easy way to counter-act stressful thinking.


Yes, I'm Ready

Thrive is such a fun way to be creative as well as focus on Good Health:

Ever feel Chronic stress can increase your risk of developing depression, impact negatively your immune system, and increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. 

Dr. Debra Sullivan explains, Stress can also leave a mark on your face. Dry skin, wrinkles, acne, and teeth grinding  are just some of the ways that it can manifest itself.

Positive Thought by Design is a way to refocus your thoughts and start to declutter your mind of those thoughts that create a stress reaction...helping to improve your health, physical appearance and feelings of peace. 


 When I make time to address my own emotions and make this part of my own self-care routine...I feel enlivened and motivated.


Decluttering the mind actually helps a person think through stressful situations calmer.  Attitudes and improve as well as relationships.   

Here is part of my story...


 Feel more In-charge of your life.

There is a wonderful feeling that comes when a room has been cleaned out and organized.  The same is true with our thoughts.   Typically the majority of stress one feels is generated from the many thoughts that continuously circle around in their mind creating mental clutter. 

It is important that we take time to reset our mind and unburden ourselves.  Writing our thoughts down on paper helps to organize them, as well as, reflect and process them

Taking time in your week for this simple DIY process, and consistent effort to schedule creative time, will provide a simple and fun routine to help you empty your mind, reset your thoughts and lower your stress.

I have shared this over the years because.....

  • It is a DIY process that is quick.  It's a simple way of understanding and navigating emotions that are triggered by thoughts or events.
  • It is a wonderful way of journaling that does not over emphasize the negative we all face each day..
  • It's a simple process to help Refresh & Refocus the mind.
  • It's a positive tool for achieving our goals and better self-care.   Used to stay focused on ones efforts for weight loss, more productivity, or even happier relationship.  
  • It's a quick way to craft and personalize affirmations that focus specifically on changing a current perception.
  • It's a support for visualizing and stops the negative thinking that shuts down ones creativity. 


I have created a library filled with words and phrases that you will have access too.  As a way to keep the library organized and easily accessible, a number system has been assigned to the variety of words and statements.  The numbering system provides a quick and easy way of narrowing down the thoughts that will benefit a person in that moment.  

Creating a visual for your statement is an important part of helping your mind remember the thought.  However, You do not need to be an artist to add the element of creativity to your statement.
Each month members will receive coloring pages to be used with your journaling.


Albert Einstein once said, 


“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”



Yes, I'm Interested

Above are a few of the Positive Thoughts that I created for myself and others. 

Unsure of what images to add to your affirmations?  I have provided a packet of coloring pages that can used as journaling pages. 

I'm Ready