Adventurous Creatives is closed!

Now that registration is over, the Sisterhood of the Adventurous Creatives are busy setting up Camp.  I'm all in, serving my VIP Sisters and helping them get results with their Art Journaling!   

I hope to see you there soon.

DON'T WORRY! Our doors will open again in no time.

Join the waitlist and we will notify you when the group re-opens. 

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As a member of Adventurous Creatives - Finding locations and information is easy for our Sister-Glampers.  

Facebook is NOT our hang-out...instead I have created this interactive Glamp-site to help you easily be at the places you will want to be.

Join me for our Live Video chats as we will hang out around the campfire.  Want to send some happy mail to another glamour?...The mail center is the place to be.  Each place holds a special something for you and more to be added in the future.  

Once you are a member, you are given a welcome video to help you settled into the right spot.

A Unified Community that Treasures Each Other.

The Adventurous Creatives Glamp-site is a magical place as members awake each morning and journey to the Community Center ready to celebrate their fellow Glampers latest artwork and creative adventures.  

Their comments are filled with Excitement and Enthusiasm as they acknowledge each others work.  

It's a wonder place for feeling inspired as one reads through the feed of creative and unique stories of being inspired to explore another creative adventure filled with color, texture, paint. 


Encouraging Support

Instead of Making Art Perfect, Make it Perfectly YOU.

You will be with me in my studio as I share my own process and techniques.  

Each month we unpack ideas of how to stay in the creative flow with lessons that take you on a beautiful journey to feel Arts renewing inspiration and freedom.

Embrace imperfection and a sense of wonder... welcome the unexpected as you uncover your own favorite techniques and style. 

Become perfectly passionate about taking the Creative Adventure and making YOUR own personal art.



Inspiration & Freedom

A Creative Practice for Life.

Step through the door and come explore your own imaginary creations.  I will be your compass & guide as you receive step-by-step instructions each month.

But, rather than copying me and walking the same path, I will encourage and inspire you to make the project following your own creative path... to trust yourself and Lean into your intuition and emotions.  You will awaken an inner VALUE as you Nurture your Creative Spirit and receive the encouragement of others. 

My favorite approach to Art and Creativity is as a source of well-being....just like the soothing sounds of running water helps one relax; Art helps us cultivate New Points of View and Feelings of Joy and Peace.

A Retreat from Chaos


2 new projects each month taught live with Cathy.  These classes will spark your own creative imagination and give you a chance to experiment as I go through the projects step-by-step. 


As a member you will have Unlimited access to the video library in our Campsite Library.


A virtual meet-up to get to know one another and have time for Q&A 


We will have an end of the month Zoom meeting where we can have some simple contest and celebration over the months accomplishments


An Amazing Community of creative women.  As a member of the Sisterhood of the Adventurous Creatives, you will be able to share your projects from the projects we do.


Within the lessons there may be Templets, patterns, or other bonuses to make your creating process easy.  We do an optional Happy Mail offering where the Adventurous Creatives can participate in project swaps

A Community for Mixed Media Art where you can...

  • Feel a sense of UNITY and belonging.
  • Awaken an inner Value for your work as you Nurture your Creative Spirit.
  • Use your IMAGINATION, expand your VISION and INSPRIE each other.
  • Feel the SECURITY of a positive community who's goal is to Retreat from daily chaos and fill uplifted through the CALMING influence of Art.

I encourage you to take the lesson and add your own flair and style.  I provide the ideas and teach you how I accomplished the project...but you are encouraged to make it your own.  Our community is filled with creatives of ALL levels, so there is opportunity to learn from one another.  Art work is NEVER critiqued.  This is a community full of positive encouragement and support.