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Who's My Art Sisters

MY ART SISTERS is a group of women who want to bring more art into their life. ūüĆĽ


We are women who are rekindling the love for art.  Some may have lost their creative time while raising a family and are ready to create again.  Others face life challenges and by creating art they are finding a respite from the stresses of their daily life.  And there are others who are willing to try a new hobby and experience something new.   

We come together for different reasons, but we all come together with the same purpose...that being, to experience the JOY of creating something with our own hands. 


In our group, you will have a chance to connect with others on facebook & zoom.

ūüĆĽūüźĚ¬† Never feel stressed about¬†attending a class...each¬†class is recorded and downloaded into your library on the week it is released to the group.¬†

ūüĆĽūüźĚ My goal is to make creating¬†art easy for you.¬† How?¬† By centralizing everything you need in one location (My Art Sisters LITTLE ART VILLAGE)

AND giving you the advantage of taking the classes whenever it's best for YOU!


Your art experience is not a Concern...  You might be someone who has experienced art before, and wants to start creating again; OR, you maybe someone who has never created art.  Either way, you are welcomed here and find what you need as I share with you tips, ideas and techniques for art fun! 

Let's Talk COLOR!  

The Impact of Color

Color influences whether or not we fall in love with a piece of art.  Artists have used color within their work to enhance a mood or send a message, either in a positive or negative way.

I talk to you a lot about color in our projects.  The more you work with color, the more comfortable you become... not just in understanding which colors work well with each other, but which ones sing to you as you create your work!



My Art Sisters

 is a safe, happy, creative space for the beginner and

 the experienced artist.


You do not need to be a confident artist...or even consider yourself an artist at all...We are here to have fun and play with paper and paint.  

All You need to be in this art club is a¬†desire to be creative‚Ě£ÔłŹ

Become one of the MY ART SISTERS

Members¬†receive Happy Mail‚Ě£ÔłŹ

Our members living Outside of the USA are sent Happy Mail through their email; unless they request to pay for the added cost of shipping.  

 As a Beginner Artist or not, Your membership offers you more than classes, it also grants you access to monthly templets that can be downloaded for patterns, or used as coloring pages.

 You will always have a source of inspiration at your finger tips. 


(Art made by Art Sisters in our group)

Being part of a Creative Club sparks those creative juices, inspires your own ideas... and offers creative support along the way. 

It is easy to fall down the rabbit hole of telling yourself that..."I will make time later for my art".  Or, I would love to make something, but I just don't know what to create."  

Joining a Creative Club can change that.  You are given a library filled ideas and projects.  You have an opportunity to join in on the live discussions if you choose.  Everything is recorded for the My Art Sisters, so you can go at your own pace and play when it is most convenient for you. 

You have support, and someone who will answer your questions.  New ideas to try, and an opportunity to support other's art and share yours if you choose.   

‚≠źÔłŹ ūüíĖ. Tue¬†Tuesdays join me¬†live on a Zoom call and talk about what we are creating for the week.¬† I share tips and answer any questions.¬† We take the time to catch up with each other and enjoy the connection.¬† I enjoy giving others a chance to communicate with others, to share their art or what is going on in their life.¬†

But, if your schedule does not have time for a group meeting, I made sure that these meetings are recorded and put in the library right along with that weeks lesson.   You never miss out.  

ART - Encouraging & Supportive


Art can Tell a Story...I believe it is meant to Elevate, to Engage, and it can Effect Change.

Art is about the process, not the results.  It's about Telling a story and effecting our attitude. 

No matter what we create, we have the power to Enrich other's lives as well as our own.   Whether we are telling a story, lifting the way we feel, creating an avenue to engage others, or even effect some kind of change....ART IS WONDERFUL in achieving all of that.

Forget about perfection.  What you create WILL BE PERFECT BECAUSE IT IS YOUR OWN. 

I encourage you to step out of the box and explore.  Let-go of the inner critic that screams perfection and Embrace a sense of wonder... Welcome the unexpected as you uncover your own favorite techniques and style. 

Become passionate about taking the Creative Adventure and making YOUR own personal art.

ART - Inspiration & Freedom



A Creative Practice that supports relaxation.

We live in a day and time when the need to create an inner relax is not just a luxury, it's a necessity. 

There have been study after study on how art improves our health‚Ě£ÔłŹ   I know those studies to be true.  Art has given me a space to re-group and rejuvenate so I can meet the needs of others in my life.

You may not feel like creating something, but Watching a class lesson will either ignite that create spark within you...encouraging you to pull out the art supplies, or it will feed and uplift your soul.  You will feel invigorated and that relaxing hour will be well spent.   


Begin a routine where you make time for YOU, as you let-go of daily stress through art.

ART - A Retreat from Life's chaos.

‚ô•ÔłŹ Would You Like a Monthly¬†Devotional? ‚ô•ÔłŹ

If you are a person who looks for the goodness of God in your own personal story; or just want words of upliftment and encouragement.  I have an added section just for you.   These are small excerpts from my own devotional time, which I call heART Jouneys. 


heART Journeys has its own "home" in our Little Art Village... and a separate library from the art that I teach to My Art Sisters. 


 heART Journeys is opened to all members that wish to visit.  I write from a Christian perspective; therefore, out of my respect for the different beliefs in My Art Sisters group, I keep the two separate. 


heART Journeys are messages that have spoken to my mind and heart.  


 heART Journeys

 is a creative practice of Art & Journaling that I record for you and put into your library each Sunday of the month..

 I love it because it helps to refocus our thoughts & stops the cycle of over thinking, or brooding over stressful situations.  Am I the only one who does that?

For me, it's a time to ponder...a morning practice that changes feelings of helplessness, as I focus more on thoughts that help to breath Hope into each day.


heART Journeys, is not the main art program that I offer to my members of My Art Sisters.  It is an added bonus...a weekly devotional of something I have learned and examples of what I am doing to record it in my journal.  

heART Journeys has it has its own "camper" location on our LITTLE ART VILLAGE map.  WHY? Because it's Optional and not housed in the ART SISTERS LIBRARY.


How heART Journeys came to be.   

I have my own practice of creating what I call "Creative Reminders" (short statements with a positive impact.).  Personally, I thrive when I am focusing my thoughts on uplifting messages through scriptures, positive quotes from others, or forming intentional statements.   Our mind needs an image to represent those thoughts, hence why I started creating a mini notebook to store the pictures, images and positive statements.    

As I create these journal pages for myself, I decided to make them available for any members to create their own heART Journeys journal right along with me.... if they so choose. 


There is no pressure to finish these is Self-Paced, a "do it when it's convenient for you." process.  The lessons are 100% optional....simply an added gift for anyone interested in the group.  I send out an email once a week telling when I have added something new in the heART Journeys library and is ready for viewing.   






  • Only Pay $34.00 a month without a price increase.
  • 3 - New¬†Class¬†tutorials each month
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly Zoom Meet-ups where we can chat and answer questions.
  • Project Templets¬†and Downloads
  • An option to participate in heART Journeys art and journaling.
  • Free Entrance to Bonus projects and templets¬†
  • Receive¬†Happy Mail¬†


*Printable templates for personal use.

*Private group with direct access to Cathy and other members who can answer your questions directly and give you personal encouragement.

*Immediate access to our  beautifully organized private online library 

We only open the membership a couple of times a year.   So, join now and if it's not a good fit you can cancel anytime. 

Become a member of MY ART SISTERS

Best Value


Per Year

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  • Lock into a yearly price without an increase.
  • 3 - New¬†Class¬†tutorials each month
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly Zoom Meet-ups where we can chat and answer questions.
  • Project Templets¬†and Downloads
  • An option to participate in heART Journeys art and journaling.
  • Free Entrance to Bonus projects and templets¬†
  • Receive¬†Happy Mail¬†¬†

*Gain confidence and Create Art that you are proud of to gift others or sell.

*Private group with direct access to Cathy and other members who can answer your questions directly and give you personal encouragement.

*Immediate access to our  beautifully organized private online library 



Become a member of MY ART SISTERS

Remembering where to find your group classes and information on line can be tough.


But not here‚Ě£ÔłŹ¬† I make it easy for My Art Sisters members to find their classes, calendars, bonus classes...whatever they need.¬†

The Little Art Village was created to make life easier.  Simply click on a location, enter your password and you can find exactly what you need. 


  • The Web address is easy to remember ( and I share with you how to put an image on your¬†cell phone that you can click and our page will open right up for you.¬†

Your library is sectioned off by month and filled with the classes that were taught within that month. 

 You will find a step-by-step video for each class,  with a templet to download, and a Suggested Supply list if applicable.


See January's upcoming classes and a few of the other month's classes listed below

Once I join, am I locked in?




BONUS:  As a current member you never worry about having your membership price raised.  That's simply because you are Grandfathered in at your joining price. You are not affect with the price increase. 

Your monthly fee does NOT increase when there is a price increase. 


As an art member you decide how long Your Creative Camp-Pass lasts....meaning You are not locked into a long contract.  You decide how long to stay a member. 

Remember, it's a month by month choice.


I'm Ready to Join

A little Chit-Chat from camp


Hi, I'm Cathy ‚Ě£ÔłŹ 

I am grateful that at a very young age I was exposed to this wonderful world of art and creativity.  I still remember the wooden purse that my mother helped me, as a little girl, collage with bright colored paper and Mod-podge.  

In school I gravitated toward the classes that allowed me to experience some form of creative adventure, eventually earning my Bachelors degree in Fine Arts.  After marriage I put my career on hold to raise a family, but the inner need to be creative was so strong that I sought out opportunities to share my love for art and teach design.

How I charge my creative battery

Nothing can charge my creative battery better than strolling through an Arts and Craft fair.  I love the energy in the air as everyone is selling their latest artsy creation. 

Other creative passions

If given a chance to go hunting for vintage treasures, I am always first in line.  I enjoy the adventure of finding something old and forgotten, and giving it new life....which led me to the adventure of opening up my own Vintage Boutique, Magnolia Hill.  It was a place where one could hunt for treasures while participating in an art class or two.  

Encouraging & teaching

Gathering people to encourage and teach comes naturally for me...which is why I created the Art Sisters, an online group also known as the Adventurous Creatives. ūüĆĽūü¶č