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Who's My Art Sisters


What is heART Journeys?


 It is a creative practice of Art & Journaling...

 that refocuses our mind & stops the cycle of over thinking, or brooding over stressful situations.
A practice to change feelings of helplessness by breathing 
Hope into each day.


Each week as I create something for my journal, I post these messages in a separate library for any members of MY ART SISTERS to use as encouragement for the coming week.  

These are not teaching classes for the members, but an added bonus for anyone interested. 


heART Journeys has it has its own "camper" location in our Little Art Village map, because it's Optional and not part of our monthly projects that I provide for my students. 


It came to be because I have my own practice of creating what I call "Creative Reminders", as well as, seeking out uplifting messages through scripture and quotes from others and put them in a journal.  As I create these journal pages for myself, I decided to make them available to my members to create their own heART Journeys journal if they so choose. 


There is no pressure to finish these is Self-Paced..."do it when it's convenient for you."  It is 100% optional....simply an added gift for anyone in the group who would like to receive it.


When asked what is

heART Journeys? 

My answer is that it's little, beautiful quotes... incorporated with art...put into a notebook... so that you can sit and enjoy over and over. 


And those times that you need a little pick-me-up, or you are feeling a little stressed, you can go to your journal and reflect on the images and quotes to renew and rejuvenate.