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When asked to enter email and password, You will use the same email and password, that you use to enter MY ART SISTERS LIBRARY.

What is heART Journeys?

This program, heART Journeys, is an added bonus for members of My Art Sisters....

It is a creative practice of Art & Journaling...

 that refocuses our mind & stops the cycle of over thinking, or brooding over stressful situations.
A practice to change feelings of helplessness by breathing Hope into each day.


When asked what is

heART Journeys? 

My answer is that it's little, beautiful quotes... incorporated with art...put into a notebook... so that you can sit and enjoy over and over. 


And those times that you need a little pick-me-up, or you are feeling a little stressed, you can go to those journals and reflect on the images and quotes to renew yourself and rejuvenate.


A little inspiration to breath HOPE into your week.


At the beginning of the week a new thought and creative idea will pop into your library....something to ponder for the week.  This is it when it's convenient for you.


Self Paced

This is not an extra class .  A place where art and words come together to boost ones mood. 

Each week something new is added to this library.

NEW Packet Each Month

  • First week of the month a New Project idea for Faith Journal is loaded into your members library with a monthly inspiring message, 

Create a Monthly Journal Page / Coloring Page

  • The monthly project idea for your Creative Journal will be delivered to your library will be delivered as a video class that you can do at your own pace.  

Weekly thought with a card size templet to color or create.  

  • a bite-size thought or question will be added to your library to ponder on for that week.  I will also provide small templet as an idea to create for a card.  Create and pass along to your friends or use as a tip-in for your journal.