Yes, I Want these 2 Classes

 (2) Recorded classes 🌻🌻


You have 24/7 access❣️

I give you step-by-step instruction that you can easily follow along.    Never miss a step because you can Pause the recording and press rewind as often as you want.  


I LOVE Sunflowers...especially the fact, that they always face toward the sun. 

I find them encouraging and a great reminder to always seek out the good in life and look toward my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Do you enjoy relaxing with a creative project?   

Then this project is for you!

 🌻 🐝 If you ever have a question?  Jump into my private Mixed Media facebook group and ask any questions that you might have.  





Follow along as we make the project step-by-step.  

I Want the Class !

For those who are new to art...I've got you covered. 

  • I tell you everything you need.  The videos are easy to follow.

  • BEST OF ALL....You can play and rewind without any trouble.


I also provide a supply list.  

Hi, I'm Cathy!

I have always loved art and surrounding myself with a creative atmosphere.  I have taught for years and love to encourage others.  There is something so exhilarating about taking  paper and turning it into something that brings joy.

As a Mixed Media artist, I love the impact of color....its power to express our moods, thoughts and feelings.

Creativity promotes POSITIVITY....which is why I have used it for years in my coaching practice.  The process of creating is one of the best tools to relieve stress.

I often hear individuals say, that they would love to create...but can't find the time.  I felt that way too; but now, I see the impact and improvement, that giving myself time to create, has had on my life.   The desire to create is God's gift to us as it helps us step away from stress and life's demands. 

It is a sure way to lift my spirit and brush away those blues.

 Dear Creative, I look forward to sharing and celebrating this wonderful world of art with you.

All levels are welcomed here. I teach one step at a time so that the beginner finds the lessons easy to understand and the advanced feel the freedom to explore and expand. 

Nothing makes me happier than to experience Your enthusiasm in our classes as curiosity feeds into Joy over what you've created.  

Ready to Play!