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Project of the Month

Come Create with Me!   Learn and grow as an artist as we create an exclusive project together every month!
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The Pumpkin Patch is a mixed media lesson found inside inside your library! 

Join Now and enjoy Exclusive monthly projects only available to Club Members! 

Unsure of what Mixed Media is?

We are a community who encourages personal expression while embracing imperfection and whimsical.   

If you like the feeling of freedom and adventure...never knowing the exact outcome of your work...then you will love it here.

Feel like you NEVER have enough time?

As you become more aware of the health benefits that time being creative offers, then you may find yourself putting it at the top of your "to-do" list.  

Art can fit into small time slots, as well as, large ones.  You choose the time, because everything is pre-recorded.

Mini Art Sisters - Project of the Month Club

is a creative membership that fits your schedule 


As a member of The Project of the Month Club, you will get a new project tutorial each month! 

Join me, Cathy Freeman, and learn mixed media techniques as you give yourself time to enjoy the gift of being creative each month. 

Simply follow my step-by-step instructional videos as I guide you through how to create that month's project... no matter your skill level or experience.


Participate as much or as little as you wish, whenever you choose.

Follow Cathy's step-by-step videos anytime of the day because Your classroom content is available 24/7. 

A new project will be loaded into your Library at the beginning of each month.  Join our private facebook group and Cathy and your Mini Art Sisters will be just a click away whenever you need support.

Enrollment Now Open!

You are given 1 project at the beginning of the month and have the whole month to complete. 

Find Inspiration


Freedom to find Your Creative Side

  • You’ll learn my process and follow my accessible, step-by-step instructions. 
  • You’ll amaze yourself as your skills grow, uncovering your inner artist. 


Establish a Creative Retreat from the day-to-day Chaos with

A Creative Practice for Life.


Inside the Project of the Month Club…

  • You’ll experience benefits far beyond creating and having fun – a simple outlet for stress relief, improved memory and focus, and increased self-esteem just to name a few.

What you can expect with this Mini membership



(1) new project each month pre-recorded and loaded into your classroom. 

Set aside time on your calendar as "My Creative Time".  Because, these classes will spark your own creative imagination and give you a chance to experiment as I go through the projects step-by-step. 


As a member you will have Unlimited access to the video during the current month it is released.  

Think of your class as a Wonderful Buffet..... Choose what you like, consume at your own pace and don't feel obligated to finish the entire class all at once.




Private group to post your projects.

If you choose, you can join a private facebook group where creators from many different projects will gather. 

It is a place that you can share your work and encourage others on their artistic journey. 

There you can ask questions to each other and find the answers. 



I am always ready to answer your questions.


Answers To

Your Questions

Hello there, I'm Cathy Freeman...a girl from Texas on a Mission of spreading the joy of art, inspire your creativity and happily meet some wonderful people along the way.

The first recollection I have of being exposed to the wonder of Art was my first grade teacher giving us the assignment to create a Santa boot out of paper and glue.  I WAS HOOKED.  

I loved exploring creativity during my growing up years as I dabbled in different forms of art; which was a major influence in my decision to make Art my career path in collage.  

I have always loved the freedom and sense of wonder as paint spreads on canvas, clay hits the potters wheel, and paper is transformed into something that tells a story.

I could never pick just (1) medium as my favorite...because of the magic that each art experience offers.   Therefore, why just choose one...when you can live in a world of Mixed Media...a creative space where there are no rules, no parameters to stay within and a whole lot of fun!

My memberships, The Adventurous Creatives and The Mini Art Sisters Project of the Month, offer an environment where you can go at your own pace as you explore your creative nature.

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